General Information

What is iLEAD Encino?

  • iLEAD Encino is an independent study program that operates as part of iLEAD Innovation Studios Charter.
  • iLEAD Encino is offering a variety of independent study programs which put learners at the center of designing their learning objectives and outcomes.
  • As a public charter, our curriculum is designed to ensure academic mastery of Common Core Standards and California State Standards.
  • All learners at iLEAD Encino participate in the state mandated Smarter Balance Tests and California Standards Tests.

What is Independent Study (IS)?

  • Being an independent study charter allows iLEAD Encino Learning Studios to provide our learners with flexible attendance and unique learning opportunities.
  • The independent study program offered by iLEAD Encino allows students to work at home and also take advantage of our small-group lessons and activities offered on-site at the Learning Studios. Students who succeed in this system will become lifelong learners with the skills that are based on research and interaction in the community.

What is Flexible Friday?

  • Flexible Fridays are open-studio attendance days and every Friday is a minimum day.
  • On Flexible Fridays, learners are free to participate in a variety of on-sight enrichment classes, off-site field trips, or work independently from their home.
  • Flexible Fridays allows us the opportunity to present a wider variety of studies that transcend the core curriculum and provide our learners with greater exposure to arts, sports, leadership and engineering.
  • Learners who choose to work independently are asked to document their learning and each learner has an advising facilitator monitoring their ongoing development.

What is an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)?

  • Each learner has individualized learning plans that are developed with in a collaborative process between the learner, their advisory facilitator, and parents.
  • Through these plans each learners interests are identified and learning objectives are set.
  • Mentor facilitators continuosuly monitor progress to ensure that each learner is developing appropriate cross-curricular projects that demonstrate educational mastery of the appropriate standards.

What is a Presentation of Learning (POL)?

  • During each semester learners have multiple opportunities to showcase their long-term projects with Presentations of Learning (POL’s) demonstrating the new knowledge they have mastered during the course of their deeper learning.
  • POL’s are the highlights of the academic year where friends & families are invited to join us for Open Studio POL’s to review their learners Presentations of Learning. This is a wonderful time for your child to confidently share their discoveries and enthusiatically practice their communication skills!

What is Project Base Learning (PBL)?

  • A teaching method that challenges students to discover and construct meaningful understanding of curriculum through projects that are developed by the learner.
  • These projects are aimed at answering an essential question and allow students to become leaders and find their voice and passion.
  • Most projects will also go across disciplines and incorporate multiple core subjects as well as art, engineering, and world affairs. 
  • These projects promote and celebrate independent critical thinking, cooperation and the development of crucial 21st century skills.
  • We strive to meet the goal standard set forth by Buck Institute of Education.