Monday Message for October 15, 2017

Message from the Director

Dear Parents,

I hope you will join me for “Coffee with Kaufman” Monday (Oct. 16) 8:30 a.m. at PLS. I look forward to seeing you there!

This month is Bully Awareness Month — please help support our learners to understand what it means to bully someone, as well as what it means to be bullied. Next week (Oct. 16-20) at school is “Make New Friends with Someone You Don’t know yet” and the perfect opportunity for you to meet someone new is at next week’s “Coffee with Kaufman!”

Also, a quick update on our charter: Our charter has been SUCCESSFULLY submitted by LAUSD! This means we have made it to the next step, which is a capacity interview, that will be presented (along with the charter) at the December board meeting. I am thrilled to have gotten this far and I have to thank all of you and every member of our staff for all of your support. As always, I will be keeping you abreast with information as we go along.

Thank you,

Mrs. Kaufman


Upcoming Events

(Please see the school calendar for more information)

  • Oct. 16: Back to School
  • Oct. 16: “Coffee with Kaufman” @PLS 8:30-9:30 a.m.
  • Oct. 16-20:  “Make Friends with Someone You Don’t know, yet” Week
  • Oct. 17:   Wear BLUE to School Day – to support Anti Bullying Month
  • Oct. 20:  TK/K/1st Grade Field Study  “Fire Station 83 Visit”
  • Oct. 20:  4th Grade Field Study  “Discovery Cube”

iLEAD Encino Supports Bully Awareness month…

Help support Leadership Club and all of our LEARNERS at iLEAD Encino by supporting Bully Awareness Month. Everyone should have the courage to stand up to a bully. Sometimes all anyone needs is a hug.

Be Aware…Don’t Scare…Give A Care.

  • Oct. 16-20 : Make New Friends with Someone you don’t know “YET.” Have you ever felt isolated? Be a leader. Take action and make a new friend. Don’t let anyone at school feel isolated. Make kindness viral. Your act of kindness is a great way to pay it forward!
  • Oct. 23-27: Stand-Up for Others Week. When you see somebody getting bullied BE BRAVE and stand up for them. Bullies are known to back off when others stand up for victims. Get help from an adult immediately. Be part of the solution not the problem!

Thank you for your support,

iLEAD Encino Leadership Club

Halloween Grams For Sale!

Leadership Club will be selling Halloween Grams….send a gram to your little Pumpkin, or BOO your friends…so you don’t get Ghosted!

  • Sales: Monday, Oct. 16, through Friday, Oct. 27
  • Delivery of the Grams: Monday, Oct. 30, and Tuesday, Oct. 31
  • A piece of candy will be attached to the gram, before they are delivered
  • Cost of the Grams: $1 for one or 6 for $5


So, THIS Happened at ILS!

Southern California Soaring Academy brought the GLIDER and several pilots to Encino ILS campus to kick off the 8th Grade Gliders & Landers project. All 8th graders in attendance were treated to a tour of the aircraft and its parts, as well as an introduction to aeronautics from a recent college graduate and engineer, who is also a glider pilot. All other grades had the opportunity to see the glider and talk to the pilots — a great opportunity to “look forward” to their future projects.

Lockerjoy at ILS!

ILS Learners have LOCKERS….and it is pure #lockerjoy!

A BIG #lockerjoy THANK YOU to Nico and Mr. Kaufman for installing our NEW Lockers! THANK YOU!

Thank you Jodi Fung for the photo and #lockerjoy

All School Grade Level Rosters… Now Available!

Grade level rosters now available through your GLPs, upon request.

Please note: The previous link to the “All School Grade Level Rosters” is no longer active, if you would like a link to your grade level roster, please contact your GLP (grade level room parent).

Thank you for your patience and support in getting these rosters together.

If your name is not on the roster and you would like to be added, please fill out the following link. Thank you!

Sign Up Today! Join Team iLEAD for ‘Amazing Race’ on Oct. 22!

Join your iLEAD family and friends for this ALL iLEAD SCHOOLS event. Lace up your running shoes and join us Sunday, Oct. 22, at 1 p.m. at the Universal City Metro Plaza for the 3rd annual iLEAD Amazing Race. There you will begin your Los Angeles adventure on the Metro red line on a photo scavenger hunt together with your team.   

Pre-registration by Oct. 19 required:

Sign Up Here


Halloween Trunk-or-Treat @ILS!

Friday, Oct. 27 @ILS 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Please note: All learners are to come to ILS at the start of the school day. (This includes PLS facilitators and learners, TK-3rd.)

  • 8:30 a.m.: Drop off/school starts at ILS (PLS Careteam will be @ILS to help with TK-3rd grade learner drop-off)
  • 8:30-10 a.m.: Halloween crafts/activities
  • 10 a.m.-12 p.m.: Trunk-or-treat!


To volunteer or donate needed items…please contact your grade level room parents (GLPs).

Thank you for your support!

The Halloween Committee

Got Photos? Share Them with Our iLEAD Encino Shutterfly Page!

Yearbook Elective will be pulling pictures from the iLEAD Encino Shutterfly page as they build the school yearbook…so please remember to upload those moments! (Also, you can check for some pics of your kiddos!) Thank you!

Party Book Puts the Fun in Fundraising!

Want to fundraise for our school? You can host a fundraising party, through Party Book!  🙂

You may have heard about Party Book but do you really know what it is? First and foremost, it’s a great fundraising opportunity for the school. How does it work? You, as an iLEAD parent, agree to host some sort of event whether it be for kids, adults, or whole families. You determine when, where and what the theme of the event is along with how many people can attend. You can have it at your home, at another location, or, in some cases, at the school. As the host, you are donating your time along with any materials, snacks or beverages for the event. Guests will then buy tickets to attend and 100 percent of the ticket price goes back to iLEAD Encino!

Here are just some of the events we’ve had in the past along with a few other ideas. If you have any particular interests or skills that others might enjoy we’d love to have you share that with our iLEAD families. If you have any connections for sought-after TV tapings we’d love to know about that, too. Party Book events are a great way to get to know everyone while, at the same time, helping the school.

  • Game Night Party
  • Cheap Wine Tasting Party
  • Grade-Specific Playdate or Hangout
  • Father/Daughter Dinner
  • Mother/Son Dinner
  • Spa Party
  • Pilates Party
  • Spin & Wine Party
  • Nature Hike/Picnic
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Psychic/Card Reading Party
  • Movie Night
  • Karaoke Night
  • Viewing Party for Your Favorite Reality TV Show, Football Game, Etc.
  • Tickets to a special TV taping or other hard to
  • Instructional Parties – Endless Possibilities
    • Adults could be how to make tamales or truffles, how to do outdoor photography, how to paint a landscape, or any other skill that you may be able to share
    • Kids could be messy art, manners 101, learn a dance, or make your own pizza
  • Friday Afternoon On Campus Events – Lead the kids in an activity that takes place just after 12:30 dismissal. Then parents can buy a ticket that lets them pick up their child a couple of hours later.  It’s a win win.

You can sign up to host a party at this link:

If you have further questions please contact Tina Brooks at

Good Life Organics Gives Back, For Every Box Ordered!

Help our school raise money and eat good food at the same time!

Did you know our school has a Farm-to-School Program?

You can pick up fresh fruits or fruits+veggies for your family right here after school and 5 percent from every box comes back to our school while your family gets to enjoy delicious seasonal produce! Good Life Organics boxes start at $16 and include everything from Fuji apples to scarlett grapes to heirloom tomatoes and much more!

Go to to learn more and be sure to use coupon code SCHOOL18 for a discount.


Pre-Order Today for Pizza Fridays!

If you are not aware, we offer either pizza or meatball sliders on Fridays to all learners delivered from Fresh Bros. They offer deep dish cheese, gluten-free and meatball sliders with a couple topping options. Pizzas are 7-inch personal size.

Ordering is simple: Click the link below and choose your days, toppings and pay!  Thank you for your support!

Please make sure to have your order in by 6 p.m. WEDNESDAY for Friday’s delivery!

Order pizza link:

Hot Lunch!

Hot lunch at iLEAD Encino is provided by Chef Jackie Clarke. All orders will be delivered to both PLS and ILS at lunch time.

  • Orders MUST be placed no later than 8 a.m., the day of requested lunch…ANY ORDERS PLACED AFTER 8 A.M., WILL NOT BE FULFILLED.
  • Family dinner orders are now available!! Please place your order 24 hours in advance.  All items on the lunch menu are available for DINNER request.

Cash, Check and VENMO accepted.

Thank you for your support!

For hot lunch orders, please contact Jackie:

Lunch menu


Field Studies Day Trips for Fall 2017


  • LA Fire Station 83 – Oct. 20
  • Bubblemania – Nov. 3 (on campus)
  • Wildlife Learning Center – Dec. 1


  • Bubblemania – Nov. 3
  • Nat Hist Museum – Dec. 1

4th Grade:

  • Discovery Cube – Oct. 20
  • Walk Through California – Dec. 13 (on campus, mandatory cost covered by school, not Field Studies)

5th Grade:

  • ASTROCAMP – Nov. 3-5
  • Griffith Observator – Dec. 1

6th Grade:

  • Ancient Worlds Walkthrough – Dec. 7 (on campus, mandatory cost covered by school, not Field Studies)

7th/8th Grade:

  • Joshua Tree Overnight – Oct. 25-27
  • Mohave Air & Space Port – Nov. 3
  • Autry Museum – Dec. 8

2017-2018 Overnight Field Studies!

The articles below provide information on some of our 2017-18 exciting overnight field studies. Check the Monday Message each week for updates!

5th Grade ASTROCAMP Overnight! Nov 3-5, 2017

ASTROCAMP is a unique outdoor science program available to the learners of our school. Specializing in astronomy and the physical sciences, ASTROCAMP meets the increasing demand for up-to-date education on these rapidly advancing fields of science. Where better to learn about the universe than under a clear night sky in the mountains! Classes include lights and lasers, rocketry, electricity and magnetism, and a sophisticated observational astronomy evening program, among many others. ASTROCAMP also has a large pool for microgravity classes and high ropes course for team building. The entire ASTROCAMP experience is designed to awaken and sharpen student interest in the scientific study of the universe as well as build self-esteem and problem-solving skills through safe, challenge activities.

This event is sold out…to add your learner to the waitlist, use this link!

4th Grade Time Capsule Overnight! March 20-21, 2018

Your child will participate in an exciting adventure ranging from your classroom to the hills of the Cleveland National Forest as we take them on a journey through California history. The California Time Capsule Overnight program began in 1989 as a hands-on exploration of several of the cultures that have played a major part in the development of the California we know today. Their objective is to give students a hands-on experience with the daily lives, adventures, and accomplishments of those who have lived in California. They will begin with pre-historic Indian survival and thread their way through time until they reach into the 21st century. Along the way, they will learn about the Acjachemem Indians, the Spanish settlers at the missions, the Mexicans on the Ranchos, the forty-niners heading to the gold fields, and, ultimately, about ourselves.

The California Time Capsule Overnight program is designed as an experience that complements the fourth grade social science curriculum. Students will focus on four different cultural periods that, in part, make up California history. During the program, the students will build an Indian brush shelter and compare it to an adobe brick house. They will explore Indian plant uses and grind corn to make tortillas. They will pan for gold and dig for artifacts. They will explore the spectrum of lifestyles contained within the tapestry of California’s history.

6th Grade Catalina Island Marine Institute Overnight!

Feb 9-11, 2018

Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) at Fox Landing is a unique outdoor science school, providing an exciting outdoor educational experience for 4th through 12th grade students from public and private schools.  It is one of three outdoor science schools on Catalina Island operated by the nonprofit corporation, Guided Discoveries.

Our focus on hands-on experiential science, utilizing state-of-the-art labs and equipment, increases science literacy and environmental stewardship. CIMI’s expert instructors guide students through island terrestrial biology, marine biology labs and field activities designed to stimulate minds, build character, develop social skills, and most importantly, create excitement about science.

During our three- and five-day programs, students and teachers participate in a variety of hands-on labs and field activities. The Fox Landing campus has many great program areas that are well maintained by our resident staff.

Labs and Field Activities

  • Snorkeling
  • Fish
  • Sharks, Rays & Skates
  • Invertebrates
  • Marine Mammals
  • Plankton
  • Algae (Seaweed)
  • Kayaking
  • Island Ecology Hike
  • Astronomy Hike
  • Evening Campfire
  • Night Snorkel

The Fox Landing Campus

  • Private Cove and Pier
  • Cabins
  • Dining Hall
  • Science Labs
  • Touch Tanks & Aquariums
  • Amphitheater
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Kayaks
  • Recreational Field, Gaga Pit, Volleyball & Basketball Courts

5th & 8th Grade Revolutionary War Overnight! March 8-9, 2018

The Revolutionary War Overnight on the grounds of Colonial Chesterfield at Riley’s Farm combines our popular daytime Revolutionary War Adventure with an evening of living history fun in our re-creation of a New England farmstead from the 18th century. During your stay, you can expect plenty of authentic characters, great food, fun activities and contests with delicious prizes!

A typical journey begins in the evening at 5 pm. when guests are assigned a cot in their sleeping quarters, take part in an orientation meeting and are then divided into groups called “townships.” Students then undergo martial training. After enjoying a full meal accompanied by live 18th century music in our Hawkshead Public House, guests will be paid an inspirational visit by the legendary Patrick Henry, while rounding out the evening with apple crisp! Cabins and marquis tents will typically house weary guests as they slumber soundly in preparation for a very full day!

At dawn, overnighters explore some of the farm’s vast 760 acres by reconnoitering the top of a local hill and standing watch for the British army. After skirmishing with the redcoats, guests will return to the tavern to enjoy a farm breakfast of eggs, bacon, french toast casserole and orange juice. By the time breakfast is over, games and last-minute preparation will be a welcome respite before the day’s Revolutionary War Adventure!

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